Become a cureCADASIL Volunteer

Our organization relies on the dedication of volunteers who are willing to apply their knowledge and skills towards working for the cure. If you have time and a skill set you’d like to use to help us raise awareness and research funds, then please fill out the volunteer form below!

Advocate for the CADASIL Community

Government leaders are powerful champions when it comes to funding research into CADASIL and other rare diseases. Many of the initiatives that are brought to Congressional committees and then voted on as bills will benefit the work of scientists and others working to develop new treatments – and you can voice your support by contacting your legislators through any of the following means:

  • Write a letter
  • Send an email
  • Fill out a form via their website
  • Call their office directly

The more people reach out to express support for a rare disease-related bill, the more likely it is to find advocates in Congress. Watch our social media for alerts on new initiatives being discussed, and use the links below to find and contact your U.S. Senator or Representative.

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