May 6, 2019 Philadelphia, PA

cureCADASIL hosted the first US Roundtable of CADASIL clinical researchers at the 2019
American Academy of Neurology (AAN) annual meeting in Philadelphia on Monday May 6. The
meeting was held in conjunction with the AAN meeting to take advantage of many CADASIL
clinicians already in attendance. The objective of the meeting was for everyone to discuss
recent advances in CADASIL research, identify research gaps and funding opportunities, and to
discuss potential future collaborations based on common research interests. The meeting was
co-led by President, Nancy Maurer, and Scientific Advisory Board members, Jennifer Majersik,
MD (University of Utah) and Karen Orjuela (University of Colorado at Denver). Thank you to all
in attendance at this fruitful meeting and to those who submitted materials but could not attend.
We look forward to potential future collaborations!

Pictured (left to right): Karen Orjuela, MD; Jane Paulsen, PhD; James Meschia, MD; Jennifer Majersik, MD; Nancy Maurer,
RN; Elisa Ferrante, PhD; Dorothee Schoemaker, PhD; Jose Biller, MD; Mitch Elkind, MD; Stephen Salloway, MD; Michael
Geschwind, MD; Fanny Elahi, MD; Sandra Talbird, MS