Contact the study director Dr. Fanny Elahi or the study coordinator Ruth Axton if you would like to participate in this study.

Who can participate?
Anyone affected with CADASIL, or at risk of developing CADASIL. Family members and friends are welcome to participate as controls, as well as study partners.

What does participation involve?
A blood sample will be taken (similar to a regular checkup), a brief medical examination, and tests of memory and executive function will be completed. You and your study partner will answer some questions about how you are doing. Optional study components: imaging of your brain and retina.

What do we do with your blood and information?
Dr. Fanny Elahi and her research team will analyze blood samples to: (1) characterize your immune system, (2) test the connection between any immune system differences detected to clinical symptoms, and (3) build biological models of blood vessels in a dish to screen FDA-approved drugs to discover if existing drugs or drug combinations can treat CADSASIL or prevent onset or progression of symptoms.