Special feature

Here are the questions submitted to Dr. Joe in March of 2013

Is a TIA the same as a mini-stroke?

Transient ischemic attacks cause only temporary damage to the brain while a mini-stroke causes permanent damage, even if small.

What test do you think is most accurate for a diagnosis of CADASIL: Blood test or skin biopsy?

The most accurate is the genetic test that is done using blood.

Can you describe the difference between what Multiple Sclerosis looks like on an MRI compared to what CADASIL looks like on an MRI?

There is not a simple way to distinguish CADASIL and multiple sclerosis using MRI only. The MRI information has to be considered alongside family history, clinical symptoms, and the results of the genetic analyses.


This “Ask Dr. Joe” special feature article was initially contributed to the March 2013 issue of EMBRACE newsletter published by CADASIL Association. Thank you to Dr. Joseph Arboleda-Velasquez for his collaboration to answer questions from the CADASIL community. Please note this is not medical advise, always seek medical advice from your healthcare provider.