The 2021 MDBR remained virtual due to COVID-19 concerns, but that did not stop Team CADASIL from putting the pedal to the metal for CADASIL research.  Our team of virtual riders grew to twelve participants and a record breaking eight of these warriors created fundraising pages for the event. Team CADASIL had to be  creative this year, not only did they reach out to friends and family for support, but several also held small and socially distanced events to raise funds. This year, the CADASIL community raised $90,456 and with the $30,000 match from Penn Med we reached a 2021 total of $120,456 to support a CADASIL research grant. AMAZING! What a groundbreaking year to surpass $100,000 to fund CADASIL research. We thank our champion fundraisers, all the virtual riders, and the hundreds of donors who contributed to the 2021 MDBR for making this CADASIL research grant possible!

Our Team CADASIL MDBR fundraising champions!!

The Carney Family – Jack Carney $21,550
Ride for Sue – Fred Rodgers Family $19,160
Remembering Eileen – Davis, Maurer, and Talbird Families $9,500
Conquer CADASIL – Michael Kennedy Family $6,866
Bike in Philly – Pedro de Lencastre $5,675
Ride for Alissa – The Anson Larson Family $825
Kriss for Kennedy – The Kriss Family $620
Conquer CADASIL Canada – Adrienne $500

Virtual Riders
Kristin Davis
Pedro de Lencastre
Adrienne Farrell
Jane Gunther
Bertram Kasiske
Michael Kennedy
Siobhan Kennedy
Amanda Kriss
Nancy Maurer
Mary Readinger
Fred Rodgers
Sandra Talbird

In the fall of 2021 the team at Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center and a team of experienced CADASIL researchers and clinicians will review the research grant proposals submitted.  We look forward to announcing the CADASIL grant recipient in December this year!