2020 was unlike anything we have experienced in the past. The COVID-19 virus changed so many things in our country, including changing the Million Dollar Bike Ride for rare disease research into a virtual event. Team CADASIL pulled together, rallied friends, family and the CADASIL community to assure CADASIL research would continue to be supported though this wonderful event and difficult time.

Together we raised over $50,000 for CADASIL research! Combined with a $30,000 dollar for dollar matching grant from Penn Medicine and additional funds donated by event sponsors the Orphan Disease Center will be offering an $82,000 CADASIL research grant for continued research in 2021! We appreciate everyone who shared this event on social media, email and otherwise to make this research grant possible.

During the fall of 2020, the request for applications for this grant was released. We look forward to sharing the recipient of this CADASIL grant once awarded in December of 2020.

Watch for a research update from our 2019 MDBR grant recipient, Dr. Fabrice Dabertrand, early next year.

Our Team CADASIL MDBR champions!
Conquer CADASIL – Kennedy Family
The Carney Family – Jack Carney, Tom Carney and many others
Remembering Eileen – Davis Family
Bike in Philly – Pedro de Lencastre
Derby Family
Rodgers Family

In the fall of 2020 the team at Penn Medicine ODC and a team of experienced CADASIL researchers and clinicians reviewed the research grant proposals submitted. There were over 10 qualified applicants and we  feel assured the best science for CADASIL is being funded. Dr. Masayo Koide was awarded the $82,795 grant for CADASIL research in her lab.  Click to learn more about the research funded. To learn more about Dr. Koide, you can visit: https://comis.med.uvm.edu/bioviewer/WebBio.aspx?BioID=22052

August 2020