CADASIL Doctor Directory (Testing)

One of the requests MDF gets most frequently from community members is for referrals to doctors, therapists and other medical professionals who understand CADASIL and have experience in treating CADASIL patients. To meet that need, cureCADASIL offers the Find a Doctor Program, a constantly-expanding, community-generated list that features clinicians based in countries across the globe. By using the Find a Doctor tool, you are agreeing to the full terms & conditions. Our Physician Outreach program has provided the medical providers below with CADASIL information packets to give their current CADASIL patients or new patients upon diagnosis. We hope that having something in hand about CADASIL will educate and empower patients who often feel lost when they are diagnosed. In addition, we hope this patient information will encourage patients and physicians to understand the importance of the cureCADASIL Family Registry to research, diagnosis and treatment and will inspire them to participate. We are finding many doctors are eager to collaborate with us and aim to continue to grow the program to improve the care of CADASIL patients. Please note we are unable to recommend physicians, only share that we have provided them with information from cureCADASIL. Click the map below to find a provider! Find a doctor or other medical professional in your area. There are two ways to use our interactive map: 1) Zoom into the interactive map to see all the medical professionals in a given area. Click and drag the bar on the left up and down, or click the plus sign to zoom in (see a smaller geographic area) and the minus sign to zoom out (see a larger geographic area). 2) Locate a specific location on the map by typing your city, state or ZIP code into the search bar and click “GeoSearch.” You will be shown that exact location – if there are no doctors listed, try searching for a broader area (e.g. “California” instead of “San Diego”). If there are multiple doctors listed at a given clinic, click the left and right arrows at the bottom of the listing to scroll through them. If there are no medical professionals listed in your area, refer one to this database! We will update the list as we receive your submissions.