May 4, 2019 Philadelphia, PA

cureCADASIL was one of 15 non-profit organizations invited to present at the NeuroNEXT
Foundation Outreach meeting May 4 in Philadelphia, PA. The Network for Excellence in
Neuroscience Clinical Trials, or NeuroNEXT, was created to conduct studies of treatments for
neurological diseases through partnerships with academia, private foundations, and industry.
NeuroNEXT is funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Neurological
Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), and was designed to increase efficiency of clinical trials for
people with neurological disorders. As the most common form of small vessel disease (SVD),
principal investigators with interest in CADASIL could potentially receive funding through the
NeuroNEXT platform. Researchers interested in Phase II trials for treatments or biomarkers for
CADASIL should contact cureCADASIL to explore this potential opportunity.