Board of Trustees

cureCADASIL Board of Trustees

Nancy Maurer, President

Darren Hart, Treasurer

Janet Mills, Interim Secretary, Patient Advocate

Christi Lushbaugh, Trustee, Scribe, Communications Committee Chair

Sandra Talbird, Trustee, Research Committee Patient Registry

Jane Gunther, Trustee, Research Committee Scientific Webinar

Associate Trustees

Barbara Hunt, co-founder
Physician Outreach Committee

Kristin Davis, Membership & Finance Committee

Anne McGuinness, co-founder

Janice Ragazzo, Political Advocacy Committee

Maggie Spolizino, Physician Outreach Committee



Special Acknowledgements

Karl Stumpf for his assistance with graphics for cureCADASIL

Gail Hunt (1946- 2017),co-founder

These volunteers dedicate their time, talent and energy to make cureCADASIL Association programs and services possible for the CADASIL community.
To contact any of these individuals please email